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Our Epic 1500 Home & Office line-up has everything you need to fight germs: Air Freshener, Body Lotion, Hand Sanitizer, Soap, and Cleaner. This effective, spicy, and herbaceous blend takes inspiration from a truly epic historical tale. In the 15th century, when the bubonic plague was ravaging Europe and Asia, there was a group of thieves who ran around stealing items off infected dead bodies, but they never got sick. It turns out that they were knowledgeable in herbal medicine and mixed herbs together that kept them healthy. Our Epic 1500 products are made of a similar blend of essential oils and biosecur.

**Shipping of Epic 1500 products will begin on March 6th** 

Products Included

  • 60ML of Epic 1500's Sanitizing Cleaner: Spray on any surface and let sit for 1 minute to allow to sanitize before wiping surface with a clean cloth.
  • 60ML of Epic 1500's Hand Sanitizer: Dispense a couple of squirts into your hands and rub to eliminate microbes.
  • 60ML of Epic 1500's Body Lotion: Rub into your skin to eliminate microbes.
  • 60ML of Epic 1500's Hand Soap: Wash your hands with warm water and our Epic hand soap to eliminate microbes.
  • 10ML of Epic 1500's Aromatherapy Roller: Helpful when you roll on to temples and sinus areas. 
  • 14G of Epic 1500's Deodorant: Apply to underarms to keep odors away.
  • 5ML of Epic 1500's Lip Balm: Apply to lips generously.  

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